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Mac Mini Server Setup-incomplete

Process to setup Mac Mini Server

-setup drives for raid first
-set static ip - eg 10.x.0.90
-change host name
local name - eg. mm-fv-srvr01
computer name - ie. macminitest01.gpcsd.ca
-no dns setup needed
-go to DNS - gpcsd.ca
-add new host
-use name...gpcsd.ca
-add IP
clear alearts
profile manager
*always be sure DNS/DHCP is turned off
-join open directory server
name - macminitest01.gpcsd.ca
acct name - diradmin

Mac Mini Server Installs
-create Raid
-no domain joining needed
-name - mm-xx-srvr01
-copy server software to applications
-copy absolute admin to Apps and make shortcut to desktop
-get printer IP's and add to system
-set Static IP - eg 10.x.0.90
-manage Virtual Interfaces (see gear icon)
-new VLAN
-add Admin VLAN  Tag1
-add Teacher VLAN Tag2
-add Student VLAN Tag3
-rename each VLAN
-set manual IP for admin VLAN



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